Why North Kerala

Not far from Kannur city, this alluring beachfront, set in a small village, is unique in many ways. It is a paradise for the choosy beach lovers from across India and overseas. Once you set foot on this long stretch of pristine, unpolluted beach, you will never want to leave like Vasco Da Gama of yore, mesmerized by the magical charm it offers!

Away from the din and bustle of city life, Thottada Beach House provides you with uninterrupted privacy to unwind, merging the past and the present, a blissful experience that you can get nowhere!


Parasurama, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who stemmed the propelling ocean to spare the place that is known for Kerala, endorsed ancient art forms like Kaliyattam, Puravela and Daivattam or Theyyattam to the general population of the North Malabar area.

Theyyam started from Kaliyattam. These tribes included Malayar, Pana, Vannan and Velan.

Velan, one of the Theyyam artists, is alluded to in the Sangam writing. The Sangam customs say that Velan was utilized by the moms of affection lorn young ladies to exorcize the harmful spirits from their girls. 

 Velan people group had taken new structures and formed into the present-day religion of Theyyam

over a time of 1500, years. The Satvic ceremonies rehearsed by the Namboodiri Brahmins in sanctuaries existed together with this tribal type of love, which includes alcohol and meat as offerings to god.

The religion of Theyyam had changed considerably fusing new patterns and sub-cliques alongside its tribal character.  In short, it can be expressed that every single conspicuous normal for primitive tribal religious love had extended the surge of Theyyam clique and made it a profound established society religion of the millions.

Thalassery Fish Market

Thalassery’s Fish Market, is right behind the mall and a handful of old men sell fresh mussels out of straw baskets in the alley leading down to it. Out of the 7,500 tonnes or so of green mussels harvested annually in north Kerala, Thalassery is one of the top three producers of the edible bivalves. Every day during the season, which lasts from September to June, pickers go out to the mussel beds on rickety catamarans, sometimes diving as deep as ten metres, to scrape mussels off rocks where they like to plant themselves. In fact, the Malayalam name for mussels literally means “fruit on the rock”`(kalumakaya).

This vendor at Overbury’s Folly has tempting jars full of juicy pickles, available at prices so cheap they’ll make you grin.

Martial Arts


Considered among the oldest and most scientific martial arts in the world, Kalaripayattu was developed in Kerala. Lauded as the pride of Kerala, it is acknowledged and respected across the world.

The training begins with an oil massage of the entire body until it is agile and supple. Feats like chattom (jumping), ottam (running) and marichil (somersault) are also integral parts of the art form. There are also lessons in using weapons like swords, daggers, spears.

It leads to the ancient art of medicine and attack. “VARMA KALAI, the master of all arts” is an ancient art which is used to heal or cause pain by focusing on the 108 vital pressure points (Varma/Marma) where the vital force is seen in high concentration.

Origins from North Kerala:

Thalassery town close by basks in the past glory of 3 C’s, namely Circus, Cricket and Cake. They originated here. If you are a person who is more concerned about delicious North Kerala food, then the local spice market is a must visit.

The beach itself, long stretch of sand, with clear turquoise water of the sea, lapping on your feet is a heavenly experience.

The dramatic sunset is a view to die for! The departing sun in the west will touch your heart, and changing hues fill the whole beach, taking your breath away.

Privacy on a pristine beach with exquisite heritage beach houses as the backdrop! What more??

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